OTR Nagios Client

Easy to use Nagios status monitoring app.

  • This app is using Nagios JSON CGIs (jsonquery.html). Required Minimum Nagios Core v4.0.7
  • Dashboard has count of Host Up, Down, Service Ok, Warning, Critical, Pending and Unknown.
  • Enable/Disable Host Notification from this app
  • Enable/Disable Service Notification from this app
  • Filter all Hosts by Status (Up and Down).
  • Easy to get service's config details with plugin's output.
  • Minimum configuration requires to enable Push Notification (Google FCM).
  • No 3rd party integration or signup for Push Notification.
  • Realtime Push Notification.
  • Simultaneously send Notification to all devices using same Nagios URL.
  • Every Android/IOS user has option to Turn off Notification for his device only.

Check configuration Guide http://cp.ottrun.com/wiki/homepage/otr-nagios-client/install-and-configure

This page was last edited on 2021-05-26 05:09

This page was last edited on 2021-05-26 05:09

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